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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
I don't think anybody who is criticizing him were expecting him to build a contender but he has made some BAD moves which can potentially screw the team up for the next few years (if he doesn't make up for it):

1- Signing Moen to a 4 yr contract
2- Signing Desharnais to a 4 yr contract (no reason to rush, he was RFA and was having a horrible year)
3- Signing Price to a 6 year 6.5 M $
4- Not doing anything at the deadline
5- Signing Armstrong
6- Saying publicly that our goal was to make the playoffs at the deadline.
1- Moen has a 1.85 cap hit. Cry me a river. If he keeps sucking, you bury him and don't feel anything really.

2- Agreed. No reason to have rushed his re-signal (nor Bouillon's btw). However, people say DD has been horrible this year yet he still produced at a decent pace so if he this is just a bad year, then I'm curious to see if he get back to his better ways.
I also don't think his contract is so bad that it is immovable. But I agree that it was rushed for no reason.

3- Ya, Price hasn't played up to those numbers yet.

4- I fail to see how not making a trade at the deadline can ''screw the team up for the next few years''. If anything it helped us long term seeing how we retained assets.

5- Armstrong is a 4th liner signed for 1M and will be an UFA this summer. Again, I don't see the long term screw up. Armstrong was an interesting player to gamble on last year. He had his share of injuries and so struggled a bit more these past years but he also had very good years playing his role, so for a 1M/1y deal, it was well worth the risk.

6- Bergevin said the goal is always to make the POs, and then you see. Not sure what the big deal here is. You want to cry because he didn't say that the goal is to win the cup? What's the damn freaking point. You know very well the team we have was not winning the cup, and that there's quite a bit of work to do before even truly contending. I'm sure when he builds a strong team that can remain contenders for years, then he'll be talking about cups a lot more.

The only real mistake he made was sign PK to a bridge deal. Even if you want to say that Price doesn't deserve his contract, I'm pretty sure Bergevin's hands were tied in the negotiations. We had nobody that could take over Price's place in our system, and there wasn't anything available out there. There's also no freaking way the new rookie GM's first couple moves will include trading the franchise's face and star goalie. Simply won't happen. Price had all the power in the negotiations, all of it. So I'd be curious to see how that dealing went.

PK is the only thing he really screwed up. Forcing a bridge deal to such a sure bet player was ridiculous.

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