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05-10-2013, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
How many Sedin passes were intercepted in the SJ series? The league at large is devising Sedin strategies and they are doing it successfully. Hell, Pahlsson did it on two different teams!

Sedins are not going to be successful playoff performers because they cannot change their game to suit.

Sedins have lost a step and this also is evident in their passing and shooting. They are older and will not improve on this. Like the rest of the Canucks the Sedins have been feasting on a weak division. They are carefully sheltered by Vigneault. These things in total show the Sedins window for success has closed.

I wish the Sedins would claim Olympic fever and play for MODO, next season. This would mitigate the insanity around the sap. The Canucks can toll the year and use the Sedins as the second line in 2014.

What I think is going to happen is they return and honor their contract and steadily decline further as the extra games grind them into obscurity. Will Vig be there to make sure all their starts are well managed? Is Vancouver likely to be a single line team, again? Is Vancouver going to be a playoff team?

The Sedins are not getting better. Solving issues is not going to include them. They are thirty four next season and in their final contract year. It won't be easy to build a playoff run around these guys.

Why would they return? Really, what is Vancouver offering? What opportunity is there for this team next season?
Ever consider that AV constantly sheltering them is precisely why they struggle to adapt? Look at Phil Kessel when coached by Ron Wilson and now, by Randy Carlyle. The difference is astonishing and it primarily has to do with Carlyle forcing Kessel into the tougher plays and 'beating' defense into him. He's still mediocre on a general average but compensates elsewhere for his deficiencies. There is nothing to say the Sedins cannot score at a PPG pace, perhaps even exceeding one. People make far too big a deal about their age.

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