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05-10-2013, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
Nah, after watching two periods of game 5, I wouldnt give Islanders 40 % chance. More like 10 %. They will not advance as long as Nabokov is in the goal.
Only saw the highlights but yeah... premature. Though they did well in three of the first four games but last night kinda showed the difference. The lack of Fleury is also gonna hurt the Islanders chances.

Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
Anyway it seems that the Nucks era is gone for now.
Let's wait and see on that one. A new coach might do wonders. It's practically the same core that led one game away from a Stanley Cup-trophy.

Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
I dont fully agree on Larsen. Yes he have flunked somewhat, but it hasnt been easy with all the injuries and trades that Dallas made. Shifting defensive pairs all the time isnt really going to make it more stabile.
Not buying it. Of course there's a lot of reasons and excuses. Sure Dallas had injuries but every team has that. If he's gonna ******* up every time a teammates is down... That's not gonna go down well. In fact I don't any Dallas D went down for more than a couple of games. Except Philip him self.

And shifting partners is a part of it but even with a consistent partner(Oleksiak for 10 games or so and Rome since the trade deadline) he was bad more than often.

And the trade-part. Dallas actually improved significantly after Ryder, Roy and Jagr left. Before the trade deadline I don't remember any trades that could influence Philip Larsen in any way.

I'm sorry to break the Daniel Agger-treatment he's been given but he had a bad year beyond the excuses. Given Dallas has a lot of young D-men ready in the AHL he's gonna need a good season next year. But looking at him at the WC I'm sure he's gonna get just that

Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
Generally I dont really care about numbers.... And having a third line putting up what equals 50-55 points for a full season is really really good. Not many teams have that.
... But I agree. Eller's season's been good. Can see I forgot him, but he was def. a +. He was third in points for the Montreal forwards. That's pretty darn good. I'm still waiting for Montreal to ship out a forward out that's not something Eller can do any thing about.

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