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09-25-2006, 02:54 PM
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Decided to drop an email to the MHSAA and the Commission..............

Just wanted to drop a note of disappointment for the ruling against the MHSAA

As someone who has daughters, there is no reason for a school to allow players of the different sex to play on a team when they have one of their own.

If there was no female alternative to the male sport, then I agree that the girls be given opportunity to play in a male sport. My daughter made her high school boys football team here in Alberta. (Obviously no girls team.)

I am disappointed by the adjudicators assesment that the girls have the right to play to their skill level. This mentality is what inhibits the evolution of the women's game when all of the best players don't want to play with their same sex. How is there to be improvement in their game? Due to lack of participation is it OK that WKCI women's folds so Amy and Jesse could play with men?

I endorse equality. I endorse women having the same opportunity to play athletics as men. I endorse women playing on men's teams if they don't have an alternative for their own gender. I endorse when they have come to the end of their own gender amateur athletics to purse professional opportunities in their give sport regardless of gender. (Haley Wickenheiser in professional hockey playing with men.)

But this is none of those. This isn't discrimination, they CHOSE not to play for their women's teams. They CHOSE not to play minor hockey.

In my opinion, they are selfish, and that isn't what hockey is about.

George Bachul.

P.S. Calling the WKCI women's team a joke should point to the hypocrisy of the girls. (Talk about demeaning and disrespectful....the basis of which the damages against the girls were given.)

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