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Originally Posted by ImGoingNucks View Post
Yup I know he has, and I get that can be harsh for a young guy. But that doesn't change the fact that he sucked down in Chicago. There may be a good reason for that sucking. But it still doesn't change it.

Yes it was too soon, and I said that aswell and allot of people on the nucks boards said that too.

But I will surely keep from writing anything but neutral posts in the future..
Well I hope you keep writing what you feel and don't get to upset over "what other people sticks in your shoes" (to make a direct translation).

Basically the point of this thread was to discuss how we think the danish players are doing. It's never supposed to be an objective correct view of the Danes in the NHL (no one would have time to watch all the games anyways).
I do report points and +/- statistics because it does give a certain trend of their and their teams play. I don't think anyone here is basing their evaluation entirely on the stats - but stats are important in NHL as it is in all sport. If you are a forward and don't produce, in the end it doesn't matter how well you play.
So remember that I and many other here report trends......and whether it goes good or bad for the danish players. When you have seen a game then we will be very happy to hear a more in depth analysis. NHL is still mostly at the time where I sleep.

You can be disappointed with a forward that doesn't score as much as you hoped - it still doesn't mean you think he plays badly.
For instance I think Mikkel Bødker have played fantastic this year, but at this WC I'm still disappointed that he hasn't scored on many of his big chances - though still think he is Denmark's best player. [and I'm disappointed after the Lukko goal feast that he only got 7 for Phoenix].

So keep posting but remember it's a discussion forum about danish NHL'ers where we are a few Danes contributing. We lose even a few contributors - and there is no discussion anymore. That would be sad for everyone. So let's be as civil and cool as possible towards each other, but still feel free to let fumes out when it comes to game and/or player frustration.

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