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05-10-2013, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Norway as such doesn't play dirty (and what is meant by dirty can be different from person to person) but very physical (at least against Denmark because they know that it works). Tollefsen makes dirty plays once in awhile. I think against Denmark it's always the plan to get them mentally off balance and that what he does for team Norway. In 2012 Jannik Hansen 2013 the Danes also fell into the trap and lost their technical game most of the match.
Tollefsen takes calculated risks...sometimes he gets away with his tricks, this WC he doesn't have that luck.
The reason for the suspensions is that he takes these calculated risks in upsetting the opponents - it's not random, clumsy or stupid but game deliberate. [the IIHF seem to have figure it out and goes after him - compared to other matches in other WC maybe to hard?!, but they might want to set an example for the future].
Tollefsen is very important for Norway in that regard. Leader, enforcer "frustrator" for the other team.
You can like him or you don't, but his value for Norway is not in question and having him suspended is critical for Norway's defense.
1. Very physical, correct!
2. Hansen dropped his gloves and got suspended. Good call by the refs
3. Everyone does that. The whole game is risky
3. Not maybe to hard. The iihf/refs are going after Norway, noone else.
4. Not enforcer , otherwise correct

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