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05-10-2013, 07:47 AM
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Caps? Its a sign.

Joking aside, I like that he is being stubborn about it. Continually banging the drums to change the name at this point, actually opens the wounds of atrocities past, does it not?

It's not politically correct to say Redskins!!1! Whoops. Salting.

People seem to have become excessively hyper sensitive to things that they were... told to be sensitive about. You eventually join the cause because it's all you hear; the drums of war slowly brainwash us.

Political loud mouths have long been using that to spread their lies as truth. You go your whole life thinking the Redskins are a football team. Someone keeps telling you otherwise everyday at age 40. You unknowingly buy in to get them to shut the **** up.

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