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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
I believe most have said it. DZ can play like a top 4 D man when on his game. The problem is the lack of a consistent play/decision making. I am reminded by the minor league baseball pitcher that throws better than 97 MPH along with a dynamic curve. If you see the pitcher you are left wondering why he isn't in the majors. The problem, he can't get the ball over the plate with enough consistency. Thus he stays in the minors.

Yes, DZ is only 23. Yes he is young. We have been saying that he is on the verge of stardom for 4 yrs now. We have seen incremental progress so do we just hold on as his trade value diminishes? Are many saying that John Moore is a kid who is only 23 as well? He is making some mistakes on D as well. He seems to skate well and has a good low shot. When I compare DZ to J.Moore I don't see DZ's vast upside that I would have expected to see by now.
The thing is, he's not in the minors. DZ is in the show right now. Defensemen almost ALWAYS take longer to develop. We haven't seen his development stagnate yet. He's still getting better. His first year he was nothing but offense, his defense was awful. 2nd year the teams had him figured out and his defense was still brutal so there was no reason to keep him in the NHL for most of the year. Last year he started to put it together, but it was either offense or defense. Very rarely did he play a great all around game. This year he was starting to do both. When he was on, both his offense AND defense was there.

It's inconsistency. It's called being a young player. He will figure it out. Also, it's not as easy to hit the net as everyone thinks when you have a line of 3 players lining up to block your shot. If it gets blocked it bounces off their shin pads and they go down the other way on a breakaway. Better to shoot it off the end boards and hope for a bounce infront than shoot it off the blockers pads. And even something like that takes time. Patience. Worst comes to worst we have a third pairing defensemen (which we desperately need, btw) that can play in the top 4 when he's on.

Also, baseball is apples and oranges to hockey. You can't get by in baseball without being able to throw accurately.

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