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05-10-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
Past versions of Team Canada.

Guys getting more minutes that have actually won cups or proven things like reliable production and playing a two way game are all of the guys on the top two lines. Guys that have won awards. Guys that have longer track records. Look them up yourself.

Seems they scored enough to win today. I noticed none of our guys were on the score sheet. I am sure this is due to a conspiracy.

Why can you not accept that Hall is playing a different role? It's like you are four and somebody took your blanket away. Sure, you post eloquent garbage, but it is still garbage. Sorry that the truth about how this team and our players are being handled is not your perceived reality.

I used to think you were a good poster. Then I started following you a bit. You are more like an educated troll.

Guess what? Post count is not a sign of knowledge or intelligence. I am done with you.

Nowhere did you even attempt to counter that this is what I have offered up. Our guys are not the only options. This is not The Oil. It's Team Canada and they are being trusted with 3 rd line minutes and duties. If you cannot check your ego at the door, don't make the trip.

You can go cry about how life isn't fair because poor Taylor hall is the bestest ever. It won't change what's happening and you seem to not grasp why it is being done, even when given comments from Struds who very much supports the coach.

That's just the thing though - what role does he fill?

Taylor Hall is a scorer and a scorer only. He's been brought up that way since he was in junior. He's not a shut-down forward, he's not a physical grinder, nor is he a penalty killer.

There is no point to putting that guy on a team unless it's in a point-producing role. If Ruff's plan is to use him sparingly in a checking role, then it's just a waste of a roster spot.

IMO it's him that should be getting time with Giroux, not Simmonds. Simmonds is better suited for that 3rd line role. As is Read. These guys can actually play those roles in the NHL.

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