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05-10-2013, 08:48 AM
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I haven't been overly impressed by Bergevin so far, but he's made some good moves, he's new, and it's still too early to really judge him.

Best moves:

- Trading Cole for Ryder was brilliant: Cole was a rapidly declining asset, and it was encouraging to finally see a Habs GM proactively offload a declining asset prior to that asset's perceived market value depreciating below its actual value. It was nice not to trade a player at his lowest market value for a bag of pucks. This move shows that Bergevin understands how important cap space is.

- Not signing Carey Price to a 12-year contract: I'm not convinced that Price will ever be the elite goalie that some are hoping for, but he has proven himself to be solid enough for a #1 job. I believe Price can be a top-10 goalie when healthy and confident. However, if the worst case scenario unfolds, and Price goes the Jim Carey route or he just can't handle the pressure cooker of Montreal anymore, then the contract is one you can move. It's only 6 years, and because of Price's age and pedigree, you know some team will jump at the opportunity to pick him up. The cap hit is high considering his overall body of work (he's more a 5M goalie than a 6.5M goalie), but I figure Bergevin had to give him a higher cap hit in order to benefit from the flexibility of shorter term. We have no other goalies in our system. I like the contract term. Again, it shows Bergevin understands the risks of saddling yourself with an overly long contract - anything can happen.

- Pacioretty contract: fair term, great cap hit. He's had an off year, but he's a legitimate first-line winger, and we haven't seen his best years yet. He can set plays up, has an elite shot release, and can be a dominating player when physically engaged.

Worst moves:

- Desharnais contract: it's been discussed by everyone already. This was an incomprehensible mistake, especially since it was already becoming clear that Galchenyuk and Eller were both going to be better options at C moving forward. I'm still shaking my head about this move.

- Subban bridge contract: I don't want to hear about team policy. The bridge contract makes sense for players who haven't yet shown they are elite-calibre players. Price signed a bridge contract because he had just been outplayed by Halak and had not yet clearly established himself as an elite goalie. Pacioretty signed a bridge contract because he had not yet established himself as a top-line player. Subban, however, had established himself as a #1 d-man last year. Most of us saw that. This year, he's established himself as a Norris-caliber d-man. Instead of signing Subban at 5M/year over 7 years, we'll have to pay him closer to 7-8M/year. Puzzling lack of foresight by Bergevin here, which most of us predicted. It's especially puzzling considering how quickly Bergevin gifted an extension to Desharnais.

I'm not a fan of a few other moves, but they're more debatable and easier to understand (e.g. signing Moen for four years, extending Bouillon for a season, etc.).

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