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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
who's career body of work is better in the PO on a consistent basis? Not many. Goalies' stats SHOULD suffer going into the playoffs as they're facing all top 8 teams, better PP and with scouting reports and strategies to take against goalies working against them. We've been the bottom seed going into the PO every year except last year. A top team does not become a top team without potent scoring (exception of 2012 NYR ). Besides, the years of playing against the former goal scoring champ and the current goal scoring champ as well as Backstrom and Semin should do a thing or two to hurt his stats.
This was just a quick search I did. Roy and Brodeur are legends but you would put Lundvqist on par or better than the rest, yes? Lundqvist is the only one in this list that has worse stats in the playoffs. And it's not like guys like Anderson and Giguere have favorable matchups year in and year out.

Goalie RS % RS GAA PS % PS GAA
Richter 0.904 2.89 0.909 2.68
Vanbiesbrouck 0.899 2.98 0.915 2.68
Joseph 0.906 2.79 0.917 2.42
Belfour 0.906 2.5 0.92 2.17
Brodeur 0.913 2.23 0.919 2.02
Roy 0.91 2.54 0.918 2.3
Lundqvist 0.92 2.25 0.917 2.32
Anderson 0.915 2.71 0.938 2.16
Giguere 0.913 2.53 9.25 2.08

You play better teams in the playoffs. Absolutely. But games are also checked tigher. Hence why player PPG rates go down in the playoffs. Look, I love Lundqvist. But the reality is that he can do better in the playoffs. He's shown the ability to in the regular season. All those Vezina nominations are not going to mean much in the grand scheme of things if he can't elevate his game in the playoffs. I'm rooting for him to do it.

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