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05-10-2013, 09:01 AM
bobby peru
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I can't believe in all the posts here suggesting that torts takes the passion out of the players no one bothered to mention the horrible attitudes of the fans that start booing 30seconds into the power play. Everyone is going on about how all our big trades just fade, yet torts hasn't always been there. But us 'fans' have been. While it's clear from watching a game at MSG that ranger's fans can appreciate good hockey, it's clear from this thread after a game that many of these fans have ridiculous demanding attitudes. They are more interested in chanting potvin sucks than anything else. I only ever hear strong support when the rangers have a 2 goal lead. And we wonder why we have trouble in montreal where the habs have the SUPPORT of their fans.

Yeah, I want them to shoot too. But I still like the rangers and treat them with respect because they aren't there for me to yell at in order to get MY issues out.

I think Richter Scale hits the nail on the head, in fact, his posts here motivated me to sign up because I'm tired of seeing everyone beat up on Kel and others because they aren't going to myopically nitpick at nonsense. It's not like anyone ever suggested torts was perfect, or that there isn't something that can be done to make the rangers better. I'd appreciate it if people could actually articulate those concerns, it's way more interesting. Instead it's this circle-jerk of EVERYTHING being torts fault.

This is a team that's been together for about a month, I really want to see where they can go. I also agree with dethomas in that I think the compete level has been what the rangers lacked (last year too - had a lot of trouble getting multiple tough games in a row), and that the last game looked really nice for us. If that's how we start games, we are going to win. If that's how we play games we are going to be competitive. If we can improve, we can go far.

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