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Originally Posted by Carbo N8 View Post
He is responding in a thread about the value of a heavyweight enforcer, so, it is natural that he mentions Ottawa's enforcer rather than the other players on the team.

I don't see where he implies that Kassian was one of the most important players, he clearly says that Kassian didn't hurt the Sens because he was used effectively by the Sens. Nobody needs to misunderstand his point unless they choose to; what he said is clear enough.

Guys like Clarkson. Lucic, Clowe etc. in their prime are not readily available & if available at all come at a significant cost. The only way to get them at a reasonable cost is to take a chance on potential on draft day & try to develop someone; something the Habs have been reluctant to do recently. In the interim, I'm fine with a legitimate heavyweight, if, and it's a big if, the coach uses him properly and the player understands his role clearly.
So we need a guy who at best doesn't hurt us and contributes a small amount.

Honest question, if we had Kassian and Ottawa had Armstrong, how many think we would've won the series?

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