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Originally Posted by Mentallydull View Post
I was rather interested in this debate until I saw the above quote.

Making changes that affect everybody for "the greater good" is a really slippery slope that can impinge on human freedoms. I'm not saying this is the first step in becoming some crazy world where all our actions are dictated or anything like that, but by simply accepting things like this, you're limiting your decisions on how to raise your kid.

I'd say that the most important thing that can be done is to educate parents as much as possible on the pros/cons of hitting hockey and allow them to make an INFORMED decision.

If, at that point, they don't want their kids playing in a contact league, they can sign them up for a non-contact league.

TL;DR - Educate the parents then allow them to make the decision

We don't educate parents and allow them to make decsisions on seat belts, car seats, driver's licences, drinking age, broadcast standards, fluoride in our drinking water, child labor laws, public health care and other areas. There needs to be a certain level of government oversight and involvement. In these cases and others, goverments have opted to take the decision out of parents' hands for the greater good. That's just the way it is. You don't like it, exercise your freedom to vote someone else into office that will change it or exercise that right to move to a place that will allow you those choices.

You're taking the discussion in a philosophical direction where we'll end up debating how much the government should/shouldn't intervene (and maybe my comment started that?). There's no way to win the personal freedom argument either way. Your standards are different than mine. I don't have a problem with intervention in many cases. I think its needed to regulate stupid people. You seem to think there's too much and the people meekly following government's action are the stupid people. Neither one will win this argument. So let's ignore it and move on.

Government regulations affect on personal freedoms. They do it all the time. Its not going to change anytime soon.

I am accepting and applauding their decision. I believe that not every adult has their childs' best interest at heart - most of the time they're not even aware they're doing it. I've found myself guilty of it too at times. Its impossible not to. And its not restricted to hockey.

I've read the reports. I've been watching documentaries on concussions. I've been reading articles. I've been listening to what Keith Primeau has to say about his experience. I think they made the right decision, protect as many kids dangerous brain injury for as long as you can. Is it a perfect solution, no. But it works for me.

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