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05-10-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
But that decision is a lot tougher when the kid is 4 years old and will be playing 8 years of competitive hockey before the decision has to be made. A little more complicated to make that choice.

Also, the non contact league is also non competitive. I like competition, but I don't like the 500 concussions Alberta kids get every year playing Peewee.

The other issue is that all of our culture, money, volunteer efforts are based on supporting "Minor hockey". The same options aren't available for people who agree with this decision. (Although it doesn't have a huge affect on me or my son either way.)
The big issue in this whole discussion, though, seems to be that we're looking for an easy decision when there isn't one. Making a blanket decision for everyone can't be an easy decision and, in my opinion, it's not a decision they should be making.

The parents have every right to decide what they want their children to do in this regard (provided they're educated). You're right though, it won't be an easy decision but you signed yourself up for difficult decisions when you had a child

As for the competition level, that's a league that can be (and likely WOULD be) created in itself if it ever became a big enough issue.

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