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05-10-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
So you don't consider the $145M to purchase the Oilers, along with a $100M investment into the arena "not a single dime"? Yet you're parading around complaining about nickles and dimes that come from the taxpayers pothole fund it's going to take to complete it?

Your argument has always been steeped in some ulterior motive. There is no rational discourse about the arena without these hyperbolic claims such as in your post I quoted.

I have no idea what your beef is with not supporting a joint project between Katz and the City in regards to a world class arena that is a major step in modernizing the city, but I have a feeling that you've taken it personal. There is no way someone who believes themselves to be logical to engage in such illogical and emotionally fueled rhetoric.

This isn't a project that screws anyone. Katz collects the revenue to keep the Oilers in Edmonton; it has to be done otherwise this team will not be able to remain competitive. This benefits the city because it involves the community on top of a revitalization project. The increased tax revenue alone is worth it not to mention the property values that will skyrocket. The people enjoy the pride of probably one of if not the best arenas in the world that houses a team with some incredible history with an owner that's committed to winning. And all you can do is sit there and moan and complain about tax dollars this and greedy Katz that. Stop being bitter and embrace what this will do to Edmonton.
What sheer and utter nonsense. How some people actually buy into the baloney of Katz being some benevolent prince on a white horse that is only through his generosity keeping a team here is just laughable. $145 million? LOL bargain of the century for an NHL team. $100 million investment? As in over the life of the project as in paying a few million a year on a project where he will be RAKING in huge dollars.

All of the benefits for Katz are based on pretty sound projections of revenue from past arena revenue and oiler ticket sales. All the benefits to the whole city of Edmonton are based on some nebulous optimistic projections and oft disproven theories that a hockey arena brings in tons of benefits for a city.

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