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Originally Posted by Mentallydull View Post
I can agree with this to an extent but you have to be aware of the dangers regardless of if it's hockey (other players out to get you) or biking (the sheer number of idiotic drivers out there).
One has to consider general coordination at different relative ages.

Ever ride a unicycle? Or a long tandem bike with people that don't know how to ride a tandem bike and that the actions and movements of one effects all?

Now try to consider partaking of these activities in a contact sport.

What I'm getting at here is that hockey in general requires a degree of coordination simply not found in most other sports. A degree of coordination not always found at a young age.

As mentioned this is not hitting in football, or Lacrosse, which anybody could do with a modicum of coordination and timing. Its hitting, receiving hits in an already dangerous game that occurs on ice, propelled by lethal skates moving players at high speeds in any direction an an environment where only solid, unforgivable boards contain the mayhem. The mechanisms of injury contained within are manifest.

Simply put few kids playing hockey have the adequate coordination to take and receive hits safely at this level and its unwise to assume they do.

Nor do kids have the informed consent to make decisions that could very well impact the rest of their lives in one nanosecond of avoidable tragedy.

For young kids, hockey is dangerous enough. Doing anything to make it a safer activity for all concerned is something I applaud.

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