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05-10-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
How much of Sheldon sourays money has stayed in Edmtonon, we are talking about 15 million or so. How much of whitneys money, 12 million or so is going to stay here? How much of hemsky money will stay here at 25 million or so? How about Katz himself with a residence in Vancouver.

Heck the best thing you can say about horcoff is he seems to be settled here with all his millions. At least until he retires at which time who knows.

The over all principle is that these guys make so much money from the community and teams they play for that in most cases and I would say this for all teams, the majority of the millions teams pay in salaries do not end up staying in the city they got paid in.
How much of the money that Smyth made while in Colorado and LA came here? How about the guys I mentioned, let alone all the guys from Southern alberta that live in this province. There are lots of guys that train here in the off-season as well that have no ties to the city, Chara use to spend a month every summer here as his agent had all his clients training here.

Maybe the whole 65mil in salary isn't accounted for, but a good chunk is.

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