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05-10-2013, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
If you watch the play again (this is from memory, so forgive me). As the Caps come down the ice two-on-one, Del Zotto is skating backwards facing the play, and Richards is chasing from behind. Del Zotto immediately tries to communicate with Richards to take the man without the puck, but Richie continues to chase the man with the puck. Del Zotto sees this, and then gets caught in indecision. I think he takes a stride over to the passing lane, and then decides nope, and goes on his ass to block the pass as we've seen Rangers d-men do for most of the season. That quick indecision/miscommunication is why Del Zotto was late going down, and the Cap with the puck had space to move around DZ.

Not seeing it. Richards had Perreault covered well before he had to cover for MDZ. If Del Zotto was confused, it's because he's easily confusable.

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