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09-25-2006, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by mabus View Post
Exactly the kind of sentiment that used to be expressed when blacks started playing in the "white" leagues
Totally different. No one is trying to be prejudiced against women. Girls sports and boys sports have always been segregated for the benefit of those competing.

Have your cake and eat it to? One sport one team. Let who ever makes it makes. Cancel all women's sports and only the strong survive. No NCAA women's hockey. Just one team. If the women can make it, then good. And the first paralysed women will be on the shoulder of those who fought for her to compete.

In the Olympics, get rid of those pansy *** women's runners who can't do the 100 m in 9.8. They are slow. Why have women's and men's. Just the human 100m dash.

No WNBA, no women's curling, no Women's softball. Either you play the men's sports or you don't.

Either that or shut up.(Obviously that wasn't meant for you, it was for the special interest groups that fight for inane things.)

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