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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
Hey...I come to this site to get knowledgeable insight of how team Canada, which includes all the players, is doing... and what people think of the team as a whole. I'm not reading this thread to hear about how Hall isn't being played enough with a role on a team that is very deep in offensive talent. Or that Dubnyk didn't start because they went with Smith.

I'd like to see some thoughtful analysis on how this team is shaping up. Team Canada has looked like it is improving on a game by game basis, and some players who have never played with each other starting to click a little bit.

I'd love to see all the Oilers get better ice time, but I will trust that Ruff knows a little more about many of the players and how to go about getting a gold medal better than myself.

And on a terser note, perhaps Hall would get more minutes if he didn't storm the O Zone like a stormtrooper on speed and flop on his butt like he did in his rookie season.

Did he forget what balance is?

I won't even mention the turnovers. Oh wait, I just did.
Fair enough sir.

The bolded rules me out. My give a **** about the relegation WC has left the station. Its just hard to take this tourney seriously. I'll stop posting in the thread. The only reason I watch is I tend to be a nightowl and its one better than the infomercials. Which is odd because I like hockey on big ice but tend not to like how is made of a tournament that means nothing. You can't ascertain anything anytime on where hockey nations are at on the basis of this tourney. Which is always going on as the NHL provides its best product.

To Wit teams like France look closer in the rear view mirror because any half decent player from France is available to play in this tournament.
In some way, success of nations like Sweden, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Finland, in establishing so many players on the NHL level means they are less prepared for this tourney. Particularly hockey nations with a finite amount of Pro level talent.

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