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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
Its been Hockey AB mandate since it formed to regulate all hockey. They brought in mandatory helmets, no checking from behind (among others changes). I don't think the examples are way of the scale. The spirit of the decisions is the same. Protect people from themselves. But we can agree to disagree.

One question:
No one seems to complain about the no-touch icing in minor hockey, but NHL has it. That's in there for the greater good and safety of our kids.... but its not "real hockey". When Little Johnny makes the NHL, how he going to knwo the safe way to race for a puck without getting injured like Taylor Fedun. How is he going to know not to but his stick in Fedun's skates like Nystrom. Maybe we should get rid of no-touch icing in minor hockey too?
Honestly I'm all for no-touch icing and find it a fairly weak comparable to no contact.

In my opinion the race for the puck for icing is unneeded because of how rarely somebody beats out the icing. Guys are skating full-speed towards the end boards for what's generally a very predictable outcome.

I think it's a fairly weak comparable because hitting is not just a part of hockey but an essential part of hockey. If you take the hitting out, it changes the game DRASTICALLY.

If you take out touch icing, it might effect 0.1% of games - a negligible amount.

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