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05-10-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
How much of the money that Smyth made while in Colorado and LA came here? How about the guys I mentioned, let alone all the guys from Southern alberta that live in this province. There are lots of guys that train here in the off-season as well that have no ties to the city, Chara use to spend a month every summer here as his agent had all his clients training here.

Maybe the whole 65mil in salary isn't accounted for, but a good chunk is.
On what basis do you make that assumption?

There's nothing but your opinion on that.

Is it true that many Oiler players leave Edmonton after the season is over, and that some do not invest their salaries in town?


Is it true that some non-Oiler NHL players still come back to Edmonton during the off season and may have houses here?


What does it matter that Chara trains for a month here? Did he buy a house here? I'm guessing that Chara renting for a month here doesn't mean he's investing any significant amount of money into the city.

In order to get any clarity in the issue - do we know which NHL players actually own a house in Edmonton and its environs?

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