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Originally Posted by nevesis View Post
"A goalie is only as good as the team in front of him" - Mike Richter
Richter was also one of the most humble and classy players that there ever was, and I'm thankful to have met him a few times. He is being gracious there and sharing credit with the team in front of him.

That quote, while maybe true at the extremes (i.e. a good goalie with a god awful team will have their #s suffer), isn't necessarily the case come playoffs / on playoff teams. You want to win a cup, your goalie is going to need to be huge in the playoffs.

That '94 team that won the cup was great -- but they don't win that cup without Richter putting up an insane performance in the playoffs.

EDIT: Here are Richter's relevant stats:

Career #s: 0.904 SV %; 2.89 GAA.

93-94 Regular Season: 0.910 SV %; 2.57 GAA

93-94 Playoffs: 0.921 SV %; 2.07 GAA

...Also, the only other run to the ECF this team has had since 94 -- 96-97 playoffs: 0.932 SV %; 2.11 GAA.

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