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05-10-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Mota View Post
80% of his argument is based on his own speculation that Bryz is a locker room problem. The only shred of evidence he has of that is something a couple of his former PHX teammates said. If Bryz was really a locker room problem, don't you think Pronger (Bryz's teammate in ANA) wouldve stepped up and said so before they signed him? These guys are professionals. If some players dont like Bryz, it shouldnt change anything. If a player in this locker room did not play their hardest this year bc they dont like Bryz's personality (as Frank is suggesting), then that player is the problem, not Bryz.

I think they should give Bryz one more year and buy him out next summer, but I recognize that there is an argument for buying him out this summer... yet this article does not make it at all. It sounds like Serevalli is just trying to defend himself more than anything.

Also, what would bringing in Bernier say to Mason? Mason played with fire bc he wants to be the future goalie is bringing in another 25 year old with the same goal going to solve anything? If you do buy out Bryz, bringing in a vet makes a lot more sense.
Why? Keeping him here 1 more year does what, besides take up 8.8% of the cap space?

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