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05-10-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post
Yes, in the league my son plays in.

Not sure if it's that way everywhere, but I think so, if they are part of USA Hockey? My son was actually ticked when the age got moved back. He has wanted to check for the past couple of years and he was counting the days It's not even that he wants to "light people up", he just really enjoys the contact (in lacrosse too, but he cannot check there until next year) and plays better when he is involved physically. I'm kinda happy about the restrictions because he is one of the smallest kids on his team.
Its really weird to think of no checking in Pee-wee. I remember it being such a milestone when we were first able to check and take slap shots.

I was never the most skilled of players, so being able to check definitively propelled me up the ranks between squirt and pee-wee. Plus, I changed positions from forward to defense.

Only to change back in bantams because everyone kept growing and I stopped.

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