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05-10-2013, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
It just don't make sense and really amplifies that MB is a rookie. Goes on stingy contracts talks with pk which results in his team losing a top defender for a few games, but then goes out in middle of the season and rewards, what seems to me at least, the medias golden boys in cube and DD which seemed like more then generous contracts.

MB needs to stick to trusting the people who work for the game like timmins, instead on focusing building a media loved roster.
Much is made of the Bouillon and DD deals. Not entirely without reason but the truth is that.. when MB signed DD, it was a good deal at the time. If DD kept on being a 55-60 pts offensively minded center who has great vision and works hard every shift. But instead, DD just seemed to go into hibernation mode. I am truly baffled at what has happened since he signed the big deal. It's like he became a completely different player. I don't know what it is. But something is going on there. I don't know if MB could have seen that coming... if he could then it's a mistake, if he couldn't then the deal was a good one at the time. I'm going to give him 20 games into the next season to show me that the player MB signed isn't completely gone.

As for Bouillon. He was doing a perfectly fine job on the #1 seed in the east as the 6th guy and he wasn't paid much. He brings an examplary attitude and has a lot of experience. He also has an allegiance to the team. Now after that, Bouillon was put in a role he couldn't possibly live up to because of injuries. But really, signing Bouillon doesn't mean we can't upgrade the D. He could be the 7th guy next season. Bouillon as a 7th guy is actually pretty awesome. Few teams would have a better 7th guy. And really, if you look at other teams and their 6th dman, I don't think there is much difference between Bouillon and them.

A lot of guys on these boards just look for any reason to hate Bouillon and DD because they combine certain characteristics that are hated by people around here. But the hate is just over the top. Especially since they are both going to be marginal players on the habs.

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