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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
Obviously Berglund.

But what makes the organization stronger...adding a top-end(borderline elite) prospect, Nurse, to the pipeline who you have 7+ years of contractual control of and has the potential to be better than anything on your current roster or a minimum of two years of Berglund who is only arguably better than the 5th or 6th best forward you already have in place?

Or swap in Monahan/Nischushkin...two guys who could be as good as Berglund now, but with 7-9 years of contractual control.
Lets start from a point I think we can both agree is true, and not debatable: MacT's mandate is to make this team better immediately, and likely to make the playoffs next year.

If he keeps the pick, he has to improve the team through some combo of trades and UFA acquisitions (the addition of a 7th round pick to the roster next year, or anyone from the farm is not going to achieve the goal identified above). Given that the UFA market is thin and competition will be fierce for that talent, keeping the pick means MacT is likely looking at trades to improve the team which means dealing roster players and prospects to improve the team. We've been stockpiling young talent on the roster and in the system for a few years now. The hole that MacT is going to have to create in our system by dealing prospects and young roster players is going to be a lot greater than the hole created by dealing the 7th OA pick.

I'd argue that dealing the pick makes us stronger next year through the addition of NHL ready talent, and it makes us stronger down the road as well because MacT won't have to deal as many prospects and young players to fill the holes that need to be addressed to be competitive next year.

If I was in MacT's shoes, I'd be looking at the best ways to add while subtracting as little as possible. Trade the 7th OA pick and offersheet somebody. If you're successful, you could add 2 NHL bodies while giving up nothing but picks and maybe a another body that you need to add to 7th OA. With all the high end talent we have upfront now, and the defensive propsects we have in the pipeline, I have no problem giving up first round picks for the next few years.

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