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05-10-2013, 02:37 PM
What a Strange Trip
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I feel all GMs "pressure" for lack of a better word, coaches to play the guys they draft and want tested, and developed. Or even featured, so they can be traded.

It may even be assumed much of the time. You are going to be our coach, and this is going to be your lineup. You get one extra F and one extra D.

I think all coaches deal with it. It comes with the job.

They will suck it up and roll with the guy in the lineup the GM is willing to take 8 years to develop. The extreme example.

Or do people really think that both coach and GM always see exactly eye to eye on every single personnel move. Exactly the same, every time. Fact is someone wants X slightly more, if even its only a .1% difference. No 2 minds think alike. Twins aside.

They hash it out and have a debate. In the end, one decided. But never forget, one is the boss and one is the insubordinate.

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