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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
This is getting stupid and a lot of people here are showing their true understanding of this situation, which is to say nil.

They're not moving from Phoenix because the city of Glendale built a new arena for the Coyotes to play in. The NHL is not giving up on that market. Plain and simple. Bettman is showing future owners and potential markets that they will do their best to keep those franchises in those cities that have built new arenas.

There are many other markets that the Coyotes could relocate to and many that are waiting in the wings for expansion and/or relocation. Including: Quebec City, Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Houston, Hamilton to name a few.

And Katz isn't going to move the team, all he's going to do is sell it. The new owner will not likely be a local (No more billionaires left in Edmonton) nor would he really see any interest in keeping the Oilers in a market that is tiny and completely saturated with no economically viable arena. So he'll just move it to some new market.

That's the reality. The hubris that Edmonton will get another team or that this team will never move is astounding. You really willing to call that bluff? Did you forget how close they were to moving last time?

Hopefully the decision makers in this city will make the right decision and do what it takes to get this thing going before the cost estimates become so stale it needs another $5M/year addendum.
Seattle has no rink and will not have a rink unless an NBA team is relocated there. QC already has a proposed owner and will get a team likely through expansion so the league gets its expansion fees. But do you think a team in QC will have better revenue generation abilities than one in Edmonton? If so you are truly ignorant.
Quebec City has a metro population MUCH smaller than Edmonton and none of the resource based revenue we have.
Hamilton is still very much in question as a relocation market due to territorial issue with Buffalo and Toronto.
Kansas City, Houston and Vegas are hardly slam dunks in terms of revenue generation and none of them would be the hockey markets Edmonton is.
How did the Phoenix Coyotes do financially? How about Atlanta? Those are large American markets where teams lost ~20 Million a year. Do you think Katz loses that kind of money in his old run down rink in Edmonton? No I would suspect he is breaking even or making a small amount of money.

I'm sorry the fear mongering will not work here. Also I cant help but notice that you do not reside in Edmonton and thus your taxes would'nt be effected by the city forking over a huge chunk of change to a billionaire so he can get another golden goose.

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