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05-10-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
The last full year Horton played he was 44th in the league in goals and 75th in points and that was a good year for him and we want to pay the guy 4,5 to 5 mil??????? Now 3.5 to 4 may be ok in this market for this guy but when you only going to be able to sign 1 forward why not buy up 5.5 r 6 would get someone that would be able to make a much bigger impact.
Who are you going to pick up in that range that costs us nothing asset-wise? Sure, we'd take Martin St Louis for 5.5m, but we'd have to give up Josi+ in the process.

If Horton can put up 25-30 goals with some big body play (not to be confused with major physical presence), he'd well worth 4-5m. We are a goal starved team at he's a proven mid-level goal scorer, but certainly not elite. If he was elite, you're looking at 7m+.

I'd take both Staalberg and Horton at $9m total. Both are entering their prime, and are the right age vets to add to a rebuilding team.

Get rid of SK, Gaustad. That's only a net add of $3m and a significant upgrade.

Get rid of Gill. Target Douglas Murray and maybe Babchuk-- different players but both would fill needs on D.

Keep eyes open for other guys who become available with salary cam purge. There are other guys we can cut too. If we add Stallberg and Barkov, we'll have a surplus of centers and can move at least one pricey one.

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