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05-10-2013, 02:50 PM
springtime hockey!
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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Regardless of tonights' loss, this series is far from over. And. clearly the team has arrived. They possess a certified world class talent in #91 and a ton of young depth. This playoff experience, regardless of how long it lasts, will be invaluable moving forward.
Trotts, glad to be wrong about this #91 based on the pre-draft concerns. This guy is far from the Brad Boyes player some people thought he might become - kind of ironic in a sad way


The mind-blowing patience of NYI fans is finally being rewarded. (I particularly think of Crew with that comment!) Good luck to you and your team (but not your owner!).

- Trottier
Patience? Is that what you call it?

Stock·holm syndrome noun \ˈstäk-ˌhō(l)m-\


: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor

from a 1973 robbery attempt in Stockholm, Sweden, during which bank employees held hostage developed sympathetic feelings toward their captors
First Known Use: 1978

Last Known Use: Charles Wang and the New York Islanders fan base.

Originally Posted by doublechili View Post
Hey Trots, thanks for checking in. I hope all is well. I miss your presence on this board.

Despite the woes of the past 20 years, there are now a handful of players on this Isles' team that would do your namesake proud.
That handful is the reason the Isles have made the playoffs and won two games against the best team in the East.

Let's grab two more wins on the weekend and keep it going!

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