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05-10-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by House Targaryen View Post
^ Agreed about him coming into the zone too hot. Well, the speed is actually fine, but the bajillion dekes...way too many. Usually it seems like he does one or two dekes too many and either loses the puck or gets bumped off. He should make one or two moves max and then blow by defenders.

And hit the net for chrissake. I'm about to get him a place at the high glass crew's table with plexiglass Pevs and Chris Bourque.
I don't mind skating into the zone with speed. In fact, that speed can create a tremendous amount of space and time for you *IF* you put on a stop because the defender has both his reaction time and momentum working against him. However, we never see Seguin do this. It's either a failed deke or a harmless shot that, as you noted, sometimes doesn't even hit the net. And, as we know, it's those wide shots that work their way back up the boards and often times create scoring opportunities for the other team.

Seguin has the talent of a #1 or #2 pick. That is evident. That being said, what makes greatness is the ability to add layers to your game.

That's why LeBron James is who he is and why Carmelo Anthony is who he is. Not to say LeBron isn't more talented (because he is), but he is the one who has added a lot of depth to his game, whereas Anthony is still just a scorer and that's about it. Maybe that's not the greatest example considering Carmelo is considered an elite player. However, I think my point is still understood.

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