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05-10-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by solitary View Post
Have you ever played on any sort of team? Winning cultivates a winning atmosphere/culture. I'd rather see our players see the playoffs every year instead dumping players for higher draft picks, Detroit is a prime example of this. Henrik Zetterberg had 3 points in 5 playoff games last year... he's still in Detroit. The Sedins will be back next season, they won't be traded, they most likely will be resigned when their contracts are up.

Totally agree, but what "winning culture" have the Canucks developed with the Sedins at the core? 2 1st round losses, 2 2nd round losses, and 1 cup loss in the past 5 years. Not too bad I'll grant you, but compare that to Detroit's 2 cups, 1 cup loss, and 1 3rd round loss in the past 11 years and you are talking apples and oranges. With that success - and success that Zetterberg with his Conn Smythe has been at the absolute CORE of - you can understand why they won't blow it up easily. If the Sedin's had a cup or a Conn Smythe or had a least been to the conference finals more than the 1 time, I would totally be on board with you. But we haven't and based on the past two playoffs I don't understand where this sense of "imminent success" is coming from ...

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