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05-10-2013, 04:01 PM
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When the Bruins win,they win big.

Yes they get away with crosschecks from behind but Rask has been better than Reimer who is getting trail by fire.Now we know why Nonnis enquired about Kiprosoff.Rask has been better than Luongo too. Reimer isn't quite settled yet while Bruins have looked strong every 2nd game.Our Center compared to theirs is weaker and Rask is that 10 percent sharper than Reimer.Wash,Pitts would have given us fits as well.Win 3 in a row,ummm no. This series should wake us up to our idol worhsip of some players. We just aren't good enough a team yet and Kessel needs that number one center,wheras Lupul doesn't.

The refing is funny but Boston deserves to be up.

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