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01-02-2004, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
I'm sorry, I guess I haven't made myself clear recently. I believe in building from within. I want to see players who were drafted by the Rangers, developed by their farm system and play together until they form a real team. Then I would consider looking for free agents and trading for players to fill in the holes.

I wanted to see Zidlicky with my own eyes, playing for the team that drafted him. I wanted to see if he could cut it in the NHL. I was and am willing to watch and support a team that plays young players--knowing they make mistakes--and firmly believe that the vast majority of fans would also support this approach, especially if management had a plan and explained it to Ranger fans. The bottom line in this town is about putting on a good show and as long as hockey players play hard, do their best EVERY SINGLE SHIFT and are coached well, the wins will follow. Having home grown talent that fans see from the time they enter the NHL only adds to the excitement and makes the show that much better.

It would have cost NOTHING but a few bucks to sign Zidlicky. If he doesn't make the NHL roster, too bad, he plays in Hartford for a season and then goes home. At least then we would have known.

And that's the bottom line: I had NO IDEA how good Zidlicky is or could be. Same with Ekman, same with Holmqvist. I have NO IDEA how good Tjutin will be, or Wiseman or Lampman or Jussiman. I WANT to know. And I want to know while these players are playing for ME, in a Rangers uniform. I want these kids to be proud of the organization they represent. I'm sick of watching mercernaries play for their retirement checks. Because every time they mail it in they crap on a uniform I love and the only team I root for.

The result may not be that much different. But, getting there would be a hell of a lot easier to take and a lot more fun to watch.

I understand your points about building within and growing the farm system; don't you think I would love to see the Rangers draft a player like Gaborik or Kovalchuk and watch them play for the next 10 years wearing Red, White and Blue? But at the same time I too feel that the ultimate go is to win the Stanley Cup and sometimes players both young and old need to be moved in order to improve the teams' chances of accomplishing that ultimate goal. Philly acquired Comrie but they had to give up first round pick Jeff Woywitka and 2 other picks to land him.
Has Sather been successful - of course not, we havn't even made the playoffs. But the trades that we speak about IMO would not have accomplished that.
Almost every player that we acquire (Carter, Kovalev, etc) underachieves; there is a problem from within. This has nothing to do with the players themselves but rather the system itself and no 19 year old prospect will magically help the situation. Most importantly so far we didn't deal away any impact players; but in all honesty I have a bad feeling about Novak but we'll see.
Hey the trades are done and I'm confident that the team will finally make the playoffs this year and that should be on everyone's minds right now, not what would've happened if we kept Marek Zidlicky, Nils Ekman or Ronald Petrovicky (11 goals?!)