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The Department of Defense allowed the Army to change the rule for their cadets to allow them to immediately begin playing in a sports-league after their graduation from the academy. However they would be in the reserves and have to fulfill certain requirements after their playing career.

However this rule was contested and never actually allowed to be used. The first two army players who would have benefited from it I believe actually were in NFL training camps when told the rule had been suspended and thus they were sent to active duty.

I believe it was probably being based on rules from other countries with mandatory service requirements who have options like this for athletes.

In South Korea every male is required for serve I believe it's now a 22 month stint in the army. It's possible to 'delay' the enlistment, but you have to begin by the end of the year in which you turn 30(Korean age which is 29 in the US).

However they have some favorable rules for athletes. If an athlete wins a gold medal in the Asian Games or Olympics they don't have to serve. Shin Soo Choo who at the time was playing for the Indians would have had to go back to serve his time, but he won with Korea a gold medal in the Asian Games for baseball so he was saved.

The Korean pitcher who's a rookie for the dodgers Ryu Hyun Jin is also exempt for the same reason. Although he he has two gold medals since Korea won the gold in baseball for what may be the last time baseball was in the Olympics(2008 Beijing)

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