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Originally Posted by LastRide View Post
That's pretty much it. It was a 48 game schedule, and I doubt the Habs finish 1st in a full season. MT got smoked in the playoffs. Thats when a coach has to have his thinking cap on. MT dropped his somewhere. A lot of teams have to deal with injuries. I hate using that as an excuse every damn year so it seems.
That's just silly.
Ya, you can doubt whether or not the Habs would have finished 1st. I seriously doubt you believed, if we go back to before the season, that this was a question you were gonna ask yourself come May.
How did MT get smoked? If Price doesn't crap the bed in game 1, we win. If the refs do their actual job in Game 4, we win. This series could have easily been 3-1 for us, and those aren't things Therrien had the power of changing.
Heck, even quite a few of the Sens players and coach said that we probably deserved a better fate and that Anderson was really the series changer.

You can hate having to use injuries as an excuse, but when you have 6 regulars out of your lineup, with a few more playing injured, you can expect to be affected.
And no, not every team has that many important players out. Here's the list:

Now you can argue that we got injured because we're not big enough, and that would make sense if the guys injured would be small, but that's not the case.

In any event, this was a great season. For whatever reason, we suffered major injuries during the POs and faced arguably the best goalie of the NHL this year, it had nothing to do with being out coached.

Our team had a great year. The bar was very low seeing how we finished 28th last year. Now we finished 2nd, so expectations will be higher next season. We'll see how we do.

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