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01-02-2004, 09:08 PM
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So a guy hops over the boards to replace someone who's making a bad line change, struggles and fails to get into position and is awarded with a big minus in that oh-so-useful +/- category.


Player steps on the ice just in the nick of time for his forwards to score a goal. He gets a plus. Deserved?

Player marks his man out perfectly, completely takes out another, blocks a shot and still manages to tie up the stick of his original man on the play. Meanwhile his partner is into figure skating and does a salchow around his marker thus letting him score. First player, playing brilliantly, gets a minus. See a trend?

Team is doing great defensively, but a shot from the point sails through the goalies outstretched hand and goes in the net - should have been the easiest of saves. Minus for everyone. Lovely.

On the PP, one defender munches up a pass and an opponent scores. Minuses all around. Meanwhile, on the PK, everyone is doing terribly and it's the goalie standing on his head to make save after save. Suddenly, a forward has a shot bounce off his head and he heads down to score. Welcome to the plus club.

Harmless pass across the net which is cut out nicely saving a goal, however in the process it goes into the net costing a goal. Ouch.

Anyone else see how utterly random the +/- category can be? At the very most it shows general trends. But very general. All I can say is that when Breezy was -31 a couple of years back, he was bad defensively and that was a good indicator. But on a team with an overall +/- of -1 (as we are now), anything within about six or seven means pretty much nothing.

Rivet has not played his best hockey and is the worst +/- on the team. Fine. Is he playing as bad as some of you make that -10 sound? Hardly. Sure, he's had a tough year and has made more mistakes than you'd expect him to make; sure he's been guilty of trying too hard and of making a few silly mistakes.

Does anyone here honestly think Komi is an overall upgrade? Hainsey? Perhaps one day, maybe for Komi even sooner than later, but Rivet brings more to the table than just a +/- stat that the casual fan might point out as abnormal.

Stats tell *some* of the story. Watch games and use your heads and *eyes* to know the real story. Rivet has played much better lately, but that +/- stat can't show that.

Can it.


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