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Originally Posted by Van
Technically, you are right, but both terms are widely accepted.

Here is how I view choosing 'C's and 'A's as a coach...

My captain is by far and wide my team's best leader. He must lead on the ice, in the dressing room, and must have knowledge of the rules and a calm demeanour so when I send him to ask the referee a question, he gets an answer. Just because he is wearing a letter does not mean he has the right to speak with the officials, that is still a privilege (applies for 'A's too).

My alternates are those who I see as best able to perform the captain's duties when the captain is unable for whatever reason to perform those duties. It is short and simple.

And keep in mind that the captains are not always the team's best players, but rather those with the best leadership qualities.
I think those are general guidelines for pretty much every single sport

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