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I actually moved from a non-hitting province (BC) to a hitting province (Saskatchewan) in my first year of peewee, half way through the season. That season I got a pretty bad concussion and separated my collarbone. From watching, the most injuries I saw playing hockey happened in that year and a half I played peewee. It's really got so much to do with the difference in body types between all the kids. Some of the kids haven't hit puberty and are like 5'1 and 95 pounds, while there are also farm boys who are 6'2 and 190 pounds. When you first are allowed to hit you basically go crazy with it, guys don't start smartening up about it usually until Bantam, where there might be one or two loose cannon hitters on teams, but for the most part guys start to learn when to pick and choose their shots.

With that said, that's why I'm in favor of lowering the age of hitting to a age where they are moving at very low speeds, and are all basically the same size. Novice. I know people will give me flak for it, but I'd much rather have kids learn the time to hit and when not to hit when they aren't going at a speed that can permanently mess someone up. Get the sloppy, mistimed hits out of the way, when there is a far less likely chance of severe injury, and then by the time they get to an age where little Billy who's still 5'1 won't be barreled over by Cleatus who has 100 pounds and over a foot on him in a vulnerable position.
Agreed, everyone knows that there is never a bigger difference in size/weight & aggression than in Bantam.Other than HA and apparently pediatricians

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