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05-10-2013, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
That's the excuse here for when your bank roll bling bling top-flight talent isn't playing up to their paycheck. He must be hurt! I call this the Gaborik Syndrome. At least with Gaborik it was always possible he was hurt since he was playing hurt pretty often.
It really is unbelievable.

Originally Posted by lbrowne View Post
Although it's too late to start now, we have a goalie who'd I'd let face most of the shots thrown at him. To me, like many goalies, is more "in the game" when he's getting consistent work load as the game wears on.

Save the shot blocking for the PK - let Henrik do the rest. Be ready for fast transition up the ice.

With our roster, we're faster than what we play most nights. We don't need to play grinding, collapsing-defense hockey.

I really think Nash is hurt - I saw in one clip from the bench tonight his sleeve was up and bit and he had a hard-shell brace on his forearm to the base of his wrist.

Callahan needs to have a game where he's hitting everything in sight. Outside of the great Erskine hit I've seen him shy away from finishing a check to instead turn up the ice. Not sure what's going on there, hopefully he's not hurt too.

I'm not mad at Boyle. Yes he had a dumb penalty but he otherwise had a great game and it was good to see at least someone out there playing with some intent and urgency.
Give me a break. So you can't shoot. So what. Move your ****ing feet, and use your big body and hit. Do other things. Crash the net. I've seen none of those things from Nash. That's what it takes in the playoffs no matter what type of player you are. Brassard has done it. Moore has done it. They've both elevated their game. It's like hes not even putting in effort unless he has the puck on his stick. And even then, unless he's got a huge amount of time and space, he's not doing anything.

He's floating. At least Gaborik got into open areas of the ice. Nash hasn't. "Oh **** there's a guy right on me. Eh whatever I'll just stand here and let him cover me. No need to get open."

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