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09-26-2006, 07:55 AM
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I'm almost embarassed to admit it, but my life basically revolves around hockey. My husband and I both play at least 3 times a week, and now that the season is starting soon I'll get my Center Ice package so I can watch out of market games when my Rangers aren't playing. I am miserable in the summer... and let's not even talk about the lockout.

That said, I can kind of relate to your situation. I used to bellydance (yes I went from bellydancing to goaltending, don't ask) and much like you it was my refuge, my release. But things started changing and the dynamic in the group I was in got strange, and other things were involved as well and I found myself dreading going to rehearsals and classes and not wanting to commit to performances. So I quit. I never ever thought I would quit dancing, but it wasn't fun any more. And as soon as I did, I felt so relieved. It allowed me to pursue other avenues in my life... which eventually lead to playing hockey (I've always been a fan, just never played before recently).

It's a total cliche but it's true; you never know what door will open when another one closes. If you're feeling like it's more of an obligation than something you *want* to do, listen to your gut. At least that's been my experience anyway. Good luck, whatever you decide.

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