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05-10-2013, 10:33 PM
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Its probably to late but If they want hitting to be most realistic, I think they need to add another attribute, maybe called "Critical Hit". Players like Kronwall and Oshie who generally dont give consistantly crushing blows would have high Critical hit rating and medium checking rating. Critical hit makes it so that you dont make big checks with slow plays, but if you line em up like Kronwall does and you catch em with speed, it will be a devistating hit.

Would make more sense for players to have seperate hit abilities. A guy like Lucic makes every hit hurt, a guy like Phaneuf is a little more selective where many of his regular hits are heavy but has an occasional massive hit. then theres the guys like callahan who finish all their checks but most often they arent heavy hits.

Also please can they make "size not matter". I dont want to see a guy like Bouwmeester crushing someone just because hes big, the guy almost never hits, he shouldnt be able to wreck me in the game. Same with guys like Kessel and Marleau. They can hit just because they are fast and have an average checking rating. Make the actual checking rating matter. Someone like Kessel should have like 70 checking and pretty much never hit anyone.

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