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Originally Posted by Ti-girl View Post
I'm just going to put my 2 cents in.

If the girls high school team isn't at the same level as them, why not let them play with the guys?

I played on the BOYS baseball team up until I was 18. There were fastball teams for me to play with but I was better than any of the girls I played with. I loved it. They pushed me to be a better player and I am a better player because of it.

I also played boys hockey. I changed in my change room then went into the guy's room for the pre game speech. Big deal.

The thing is, boys and men have more muscle mass and natural strength than girls. But, if there are girls that are able to compete then let them. Should I have played girls softball just because I was a girl?
I did for 2 years. I hated it. No one could catch the balls that I threw, the first year I played I batted over .700 with just about 90 RBIs. It wasn't a team game anymore, it was "lets see how many hits I can get in a game."

When I moved to the guy's team it was way more of challange. It allowed me to hone my skills and to have FUN. Do I regret not playing girls ball? Never.
Ti you do realize that when you ditch the girls teams for the boys team you are doing two things.

1 - You are being selfish. You've put your own needs ahead of the teams and the game itself. You'd rather leave then stay and help develop the woman's program.

2 - You are lessoning the quality of those girls teams.

If every talented girl played on the boys teams. The girls teams would be a joke and it may discourage other girls from playing that sport. It may even lead to bigger problems where the school or town decides a girls program is not longer needed since the more talented girls are playing for the boys team. Several posters here have hit on that. Would you have wanted to play boys baseball if there were three or four other girls of your skill level on each of the girls teams...I am guessing no.

I look at Michelle Wie. Instead of competing in the LPGA she's focused on the PGA tour. The things she could do for woman's golf by concentrating on the LPGA and winning titles there would be greater then the exposure she'd get playing on the PGA and finishing at the bottom of the bracket.

If woman want woman's sports to be taken seriously. They need to keep the most talented woman in that sport. The woman playing those sports have to realize that and keep in mind that leaving to play with the boys will only hurt the future of woman's sports.

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