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Originally Posted by Strat View Post
Whoever says Pleks is a #3 centerman loses all credibility. He's one of the best 2nd-line centermen.

In 5 games, he got 4 points, tied for best point-producer of the team with Subban. Among other things, he's one of the smartest PK guys the Habs have. Just look at the Armstrong breakaway he generated.

Seriously, you guys have absolutely zero clue of what you're talking about whatsoever. And your above statements will forever tell me to not take anything you say seriously from this point onwards.

I'm blown away by the sheer amount of hockey ignorance I'm reading from you two. Wow... just wow.
1. I think most of us agree that DD lost his top 2 spot a center this year.

I hate to quote him, but Pierre Maguire said today that DD could be an effective C on a 3rd line with some scoring punch.

A lot of teams are now using 3rd line as a scoring line, not just a D line. The no 1 or 2 lines play the other team's no 1 or 2 lines.

2. DD as a wing is useless, and in 2 years, there will be no room for him there anyway.

Given the points above, I could see this for next year:

Max, Pleks, Gio

Get's Max a way from DD, finally. A solid no 1 line with responsible D. If Gio gets hurt, which he will, you promote Gally to this line, and play Kristo on line 2.

Bourque, Eller, Gally

Dynamite no 2 line, not as good on D as line 1, but a threat every time.

Big tough UFA, DD, Chuckie

This all hinges on the UFA. He has to be a real bruiser who can also pot 10 goals. He also backs up Prust. Any candidates? There must be at least one, and it is Bergy's biggest priority. Chuckie is big enough, and he's good enough on D to take this RW role next year. It will be his last year on wing.

Prust, Dumont, Monster Killer UFA/Armstrong

Dumont showed good face off ability so far. Hes young, and he's not a girlie either. He can also step in for DD if DD is hurt. I think Halpern is too old, and too tired. I also think Moen is useless. I especeted more from him in PO, and it was not there. Our 4th should be young, and tough as nails. Our bangers were simply too old against the big Ottawa D. They had no injuries at all against us.

Bergy needs to find a fighter for the fourth line, who can also play OK D. He will have to pay a lot for this. This fighter will take more load off Prust, who is already damaged by being the only wing with balls this year. Keep Armstrong as a veteran, dependable sub, he's also useful as a sub for line 2-4.


Moen. Not needed with 2 more big young wing UFA. The guys does not give a **** any more. Trade him for a second if possible.

Halpern. Dumont can replace him I think. If we struggle on FO, pick up a guy at the deadline.

Let Dumont develop, I love this kid, and he will be the local hero when they dump DD the year after next, when Chuckie takes his job and there is no room at wing.

Gally will take Gio's job when Gio gets hurt after Christmas. I'll take a flyer and say that's when you promote Kristo for line 2. I ****ing love Kriso, and I think all he will need is 40 games in AHL. He is the next Gally.

What does this all mean?

A younger, tougher team. That is what is winning in the NHL right now. Bergy has got to land at least one young big wing this summer, and a fearless fighter who can play 40 games and be OK on D.

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