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05-11-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by LastRide View Post
Better yet, next year lets take another one of those 2 games 6-1 beatings again and 4 games to 1 exit. Plus get our heads kicked in. A lot of times the regular season doesn't mean much. Its the playoffs that count. That is where the true colors show.

I like the fire Roy brings to the Habs. Don't worry MT will still be coaching the Habs next year. Besides we don't have the team to win a cup for atleast 2-3 more years if things go in the right direction. He might as well be the plug behind the bench for the time being. You guys give MT too much credit.
This post is so stupid I don't even know where to begin.

MT wasn't outcoached and we easily could've won this series. The fact that we made it to the playoffs at all is a huge accomplishment. And don't give us this "the regular season doesn't count" ****. That's an absolutely stupid argument right now.

Young team, played reasonably well in most of the games (though we didn't go to the net) and could've won. Guys were hurt and it's a very inexperienced group. Yet, because we lost a playoff series it's time to call MT a total failure and throw him out?

How about we just throw this stupid thread out instead?

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