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05-11-2013, 01:02 AM
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I put this in the playoff observation thread, but I think it's relevant here too:

So, let's break down the goals scored so far.

Game 1:

Goal 1: Point shot, rebound goal.

Goal 2: Skill goal, nice pass on a breakaway, though Hank usually makes that save.

Goal 3: Worst goal Hank gave up in like 2 years. Doesn't matter how it was scored. He stops that 999 times out of 1,000.

Game 2:

Goal: Point shot, deflected off Stepan.

Game 3:

Goal 1: Point shot, deflected in front

Goal 2: A little closer in but lots of traffic, might have been deflected

Goal 3: Point shot deflected in

Game 4:

Goal 1: Skill(ish) goal

Goal 2: Skill goal, Hank normally makes that save

Goal 3: Point shot deflected

Game 5:

Goal 1: Skill goal

Goal 2: Point shot hits traffic in front and goes right to a Ribiero

So that's 12 goals, 4 of them were skill goals. Most of them were point shots. The Caps have had plenty of skill OPPORTUNITIES, they just haven't been scoring on them. By allowing point shots putting guys in front of Hank, we're basically giving ourselves less of a chance to succeed. Hank is money on the skill pass plays. Best goalie in the league side to side. Amazing on breakaways. Yet we basically diminish our chance to succeed by playing a style that Hank is the most susceptible to giving up goals in. It's mind boggling. Like bizarro world coaching.

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