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05-11-2013, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
If Habs miss the playoffs next season I don't think Therrien will survive. This 48 game schedule and making the playoffs probably did more harm than good for him, in the long run.

Now he has to deal with higher expectations. No way we finish 2nd in conference if it was a full season. There is NO WAY.

His free pass was this year. If we had missed the playoffs this season, he'd be safe since it's 1st season, shortened season, team was 2nd last year, and rebuilding process.

But that's all out the door now.

PLUS, add to the fact that he will be on a shorter leash since he already FAILED in this city as a coach in the past. Media and fans will feast on this fact and him if his team struggles next season.
I don't think coaches are that important. The ones who **** up are the idiots who piss the players off.

JM was terrible at player support, the most important part of his job. I could not stand the guy because of it. First rule of management is defend and support your staff. If a staff is ****, go to the boss and have the staff removed, decently and with care. But as long as they are your staff, support them.

MT has impressed me this year precisely because he supports his players. That's all I need. The team and Bergy will do the rest.

I give him 2 years, and I have no probs with that because most coaches are the same anyway, except for the occasional complete idiot.

We need stability, not coaching issues, while we become a contender.

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