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05-11-2013, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Street Hawk View Post
I think part of the twin's problem when it comes to adapting their game is that they have played together forever. It's always been Klatt, King, Bertuzzi, Burrows, Kassian, etc. having to learn how to play with the twins. It's been forever since they played on separate lines. They've gotten too used to players adapting to them, that they haven't learned to adapt their own game to bring more diversity to it.

The Sedins are too much alike. Both more passers than shooters. Ideally, you'd like to see a Hull/Oates type combo. If Daniel made himself a better shooter like Bure/Naslund, the twins would have been a more dangerous combination. But neither possesses any sort of a dangerous shot. Daniel's goals are generally within the faceoff circles, in tight to the goal from good cycle plays. He's not going to beat a goalie who has a chance to get set for the shot from the top of the faceoff circles.

Henrik, in game 1, all alone on Niemi and doesn't shoot the puck. Too passive.

In terms of adapting their game, they have failed to develop their shooting. Now, I don't expect them to score a lot of goals like Bure/Naslund with their shot, but they should have learned how to shoot the puck so that it generates a rebound for their line mate. On the PP, do they ever shoot the puck so that Kesler can attack the round in front of the net? Hardly ever, cause Henrik just passes the puck back to the D or to his brother on the PP. They never learned that opponents have taking away passing lanes because the twins themselves are not dangerous shooters, it's the open guy that is the dangerous one, so block the passing lane. Sometimes, a well place shot on goal that gets a rebound is better than trying a direct pass. Like Raymond in OT in game 4, he could have shot the puck low far pad side and with Kelser going to the net, could have given Kesler a chance to bury the rebound, but instead he tried to pass and put it on Kesler's backhand, which he had to reach for.

Can't always have a tick tac toe passing play like the 2 Burrow's goals in the series. Sometimes, it's just off a shot and puck luck.

And the twins are too far from the net too often. They don't attack the net when a shot is taken, thus are late to the loose pucks.

And for guys who are 6'2 and 190 lbs, they get knocked to the ice way too much.

Maybe we asked for too much, but always wanted to see them change their game a bit to add a more varied attack, rather than just rely on the cycle game.
Not to sound like a broken record however, this brings me back to questioning AV, at least to a certain extent. He has openly admitted to not coaching the Sedins, instead opting to allow them to do their thing as they see fit. In retrospect, I find that detrimental for the reasons you've stated. They need to be coached into adapting their game to better compliment whoever is the third man in. Kassian fit the mold reasonably well, but we all know how they went. Alternatively, if we retain Roy or bring in a centre like Couturier. I would really like to try Kesler on their wing for a while.

As for shooting, I want the two of them to spend a summer with Tortorella shouting "shoot" until they get the bloody message.

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